Trip Report: American Airlines 777-200 Business Class | Honolulu to DFW

Trip Report: American Airlines 777-200 Business Class | Honolulu to DFW

Making our way home from Hawaii, our journey home would be aboard American’s 777-200 from Honolulu to DFW. The 777 is the workhorse between American’s fortress hub in in DFW and Honolulu. American has completed the retrofit of their 777-200s. You can expect a lie-flat seat in Business Class on all of American’s 777s across the fleet.

The Cabin: SeatGuru isn’t exactly accurate on their seat maps American’s 772 so unfortunately a bit difficult to predict which Business Class seat you’ll end up with. But the much improved B/E Aerospace seat is installed on the majority of the 289-seat configuration of the 772. If you really want to get into the details, there’s a thread on FlyerTalk with all the details of the 772 Business Class seats.

The Seat: Fortunately for us, our aircraft was fitted with the newest B/E Aerospace Business Class seat which features 37 Business Class seats in a 1-2-1 configuration. All seats feature direct-aisle access. I was seated in 8A, a window seat, and Chris was seated directly in front of me in 7A.

The Business Class seat shares some similarities to that on American’s 777-300ER. Not any better or worse than the 777-300ER, just different. The seat is overall spacious and there’s lot’s of little storage spaces I found to be handy. The power and USB ports are easy to locate and it’s nice that they are inside a storage bin, perfect for keeping your phone and chargers accessible. In lie-fat mode, the seat offers plenty of space to sprawl out for sleep. Overall, the Business Class seat on the retrofitted 772 is fantastic. 

The Amenities: The Bose noise-cancelling headphones are always welcome although they will collect them about an hour before landing. No amenity kit was offered on this flight which I found surprising for an 8 hour flight.

The Food: For dinner, I ordered the Korean Short Ribs which were quite tender and delicious. Beef can be extremely hit or miss in-flight but this has to be one of the best beef dishes I’ve had in the air. The Hawaiian sweet rolls were a nice touch along with the mango ice cream sundae. It’s nice the American has a few special Hawaiian touches on their mainland to Hawaii flights.

The pre-landing breakfast wasn’t much to get excited about. It was an extra-sugary offering of fruit, Chobani yogurt and a scone.

The Service: Overall, the service on this flight was unmemorable. The new was a mix of senior and junior crew members and unfortunately, some of the more senior crew members had poor attitudes.

The Overall View:

This flight with American Airlines in Business Class from Honolulu was overall a mixed experience. The hard product on the 777-200 in Business Class was overall wonderful. The dinner experience was also very nice. However the crew’s service was forgettable, including a few sour attitudes on board.

I do appreciate the consistent, and remarkable improvement in the hard product on flights between DFW and Hawaii. Now that American has a consistent lie flat Business Class product across all of their 777s, there’ s a bit less surprise in what seat you’ll get. However, beware of the occasional 767 to Hawaii although this is more common on flights to Kona or Kahului than Honolulu.

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  1. Awesome review..thank you for all the pictures and details! My family and I are taking these flights to and from DFW this summer, and precisely chose these flights because of the lie flat seats.

  2. Thanks for the review. I’m also taking the DFW – HNL flight this summer. I looks like Seatguru finally updated their seating charts to include the new configuration: 777-200 (v4).

  3. Good review. The pictures give me the info I wanted. Maybe it is because I am British but I have never experienced the sour attitude I hear about. Unlike on British Airways which can be stiflingly condescending and pretentious in their First Cabin. (Not all though. many are very good).

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