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Hello there! I’m Ben, founder and chief blogger for Benjamin J Travel. I’m a travel geek based in Dallas, Texas. I juggle a day job, travel blogging, family life, and 3 pets but still manage to travel nearly 200,000 miles per year….just for the love of it!

I’m an expert in traveling well on a budget. I share my world view through travel photography, hotel and airline reviews, and destination guides. Benjamin J Travel is dedicated to interacting with others who share a passion for travel and adventure. With a bit of work, thriftiness, and a few points & miles tricks, travel can be approachable for almost anyone.

Do you want to travel more? Is world travel a dream or are you making it a priority? Do you think travel is too expensive? If you asked most people, they’d would say it’d be nice to have more travel in their lives. But are they really making it a priority? I think travel is far more intimidating to most people than it should be. I strongly believe that traveling often is easier than most people think.

Follow along for your next travel inspiration to see how anyone can make travel a bigger part of your life’s equation.

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