Lounge Review: Star Alliance Business Class Lounge LAX

Lounge Review: Star Alliance Business Class Lounge LAX

Arriving earlier at LAX for my Swiss Business Class flight to Zurich, I’d have plenty of time to check out the Star Alliance Business Class Lounge at in LAX’s Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT). Positioned near the other premium lounges on the 6th floor of TBIT, I headed up the escalators to the lounge entrance. Access is permitted to Star Alliance Gold passengers and those traveling in a premium cabin on a Star Alliance carrier.

Check-in was quick and friendly which I appreciated after an awful experience clearing security in Tom Bradley International Terminal. In front of the Star Alliance Business Class Lounge LAX is a quick check-in kiosk where boarding passes are checked. There’s a full-service Star Alliance star stationed in the front lobby for full-service needs. This is a nice way to quickly check-in passengers and sending more complex needs to the full-service desk.

The lounge was not overly crowded, even during peak evening departure hours for transatlantic flights. But keep in mind I visited on a Tuesday which isn’t the busiest day for travel overall. I browsed around the interior of the lounge and took a quick peek at the outdoor deck before heading over to the shower suties to freshen up.

The shower suites are located in the rear of the Star Alliance Business Class Lounge near the outdoor terrace. I approached the entrance and the friendly attendant took me a suite right away. It’s nice to not have to wait.The shower suite was well appointed and spacious in size but not a roomy as my favorite shower suites at The Pier Hong Kong. The Soaptopia toiletries in the shower suite were very nice but personally I prefer the Aspar toiletries in the Qantas First Lounge.

The shower was easy to use and I appreciated the extra towels provided. A razor, toothpaste, and toothbrush were provided but I thought it was strange that the razor was not sealed. I definitely skipped their razor. I travel with my own anyway.

After my shower, I headed out to the outdoor terrace again as the weather was absolutely lovely. A perfect SoCal day! The outdoor terrace has tarmac views, facing towards Terminal 3. Not all airport lounges with outdoor space is done well but the Star Alliance Business Class Lounge at LAX does it well. There’s a ton of spacious seating and a cool bar with a few beverages for your thirst.

The food was great in the Star Alliance Business Class Lounge. There was a good variety of cold and hot foods along with snacks. Plus there was a fantastic cheese section which always makes me happy. There is a self-service beverage area for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in addition to the full service bar.

I grabbed some food and took a seat out on the indoor terrace which is one of the most popular places to sit in this lounge. The food was quite good and I have to say I was fairly impressed. The food was better than the neighboring oneworld Business Class Lounge. The WiFi speed was fairly quick but the connection wasn’t consistent. I had to keep logging into the network every 15 minutes or so which was a bit frustrating. But there were power outlets throughout the lounge so it was easy to find a place to juice uo your electronics.

Overall, the Star Alliance Business Class Lounge left me impressed. I’d rate it above the oneworld Business Class lounge for it’s outdoor space, tidier food area, and far better natural lighting. It was a great place to freshen up with a shower and catch a snack before my flight to Zurich. I’m not currently a heavy Star-Alliance flyer but I welcome a visit to this lounge again anytime.

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