Book Your WOW Air Flight with the Guarantee

Book Your WOW Air Flight with the Guarantee

Interested in booking a journey to Iceland or Europe on one of WOW AIr’s ultra low fares? Worried about travel interruptions? Well now you can book your WOW Air itinerary on and be covered by the Guarantee.

Other than high baggage and ancillary fees, the top complaint from fliers on an ultra-low cost carrier like WOW Air is the lack of support when things go awry: cancellations, weather, crew issues and more. When you fly a large network carrier like American or British Airways, there’s a lot more options during irregular operations. But with a smaller carrier like WOW Air, you don’t have many options. Flight cancelled? You’ll just have to wait until the next flight which is probably a day or two away.

By booking your WOW Air flights through, you’d afforded a bit of extra protection that WOW Air doesn’t necessarily offer without the purchase of additional travel insurance. I do think it’s a bit comical that WOW Air is promoting booking through It’s almost as if their admitting they don’t take great care of their passengers during irregular operations.

Per the details directly from WOW Air:

Why should I book with WOW air and finds the lowest airfare and best flight connections and protects your connecting flights from cancellations, delays and rescheduling. When you book with your flights are combined into one flight ticket so that you don‘t have to deal with many airlines and bookings at once. Read the Guarantee.

  • Our guests who book connecting flights with have to collect their baggage, go through customs (often passport control too), and check in again between flights.
  • Please note that after booking with all customer services go through

One of the biggest complaints about carriers like WOW Air is the lack of customer support when plans go awry: cancellations, weather, lost baggage and more. is a great option for booking WOW Air flights if you live in a city without WOW Air service.

For me, this is a great option as I live in Dallas and WOW Air doesn’t serve any airport for hundreds of miles. If I wanted to take advantage of a cheap flight to Iceland on Wow is able to combine flights from other carriers with WOW Air flights to keep you on a single ticket. I don’t have personal experience booking through but I have certainly used their search tools to check out flight options and they do provide some creative itineraries.

What do you think? Does this extra bit of protection entice your to book your WOW Air flights though Kiwi? Let me know in the comments below.

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