Lounge Review: Lufthansa Senator Lounge Frankfurt | Concourse Z

Lounge Review: Lufthansa Senator Lounge Frankfurt | Concourse Z

While the First Class lounges and the dedicated First Class Terminal get all the attention at Frankfurt Airport, I think the Lufthansa Business Class Senator Lounge in Frankfurt is worth more than just an honorable mention. After connecting from my BA CitFlyer flight from London City, I had about 2 hours to transfer terminals and explore the lounge. Fortunately, I avoided checking a bag at London City with British Airways to make the transfer at FRA relatively painless.

I had arrived at Terminal 2 and rode the tram over to Terminal 1 and the Z Concourse where my flight to Washington Dulles would be departing. Priority security queues took less than 5 minutes to clear. Concourse Z was also the convenient location of a Lufthansa Senator Lounge. The friendly staff greeted me at the entrance to the lounge on the lower level. Since I was on a Business Class ticket, I was directed upstairs to the Business Class Senator Lounge. The First Class Lounge is adjacent through a separate entrance. I always enjoy a nice escalator ride into a lounge! The lounge was a bit busy but this was to be expected in the late morning, just before many transatlantic flights are scheduled. Still, even though the lounge was busy, there is so much space, the lounge didn’t feel crowded.

I took a seat in the central television lounge area to settle in my bags. I took some time to then walk around and snap a few quick photos of the lounge space. The Senator Lounge is very spacious and open which is fantastic for natural light and planespotting view. However, of minor dislike, there isn’t a ton of private seating. There are small rooms to make phone calls but not many nooks with more private seating. While open in nature, there are plenty of seating options including armchairs, bar seating, high tables, and sofas.

I wanted to freshen up before the journey back to Dallas via Washington Dulles so I requested a shower suite. There was a bit of a wait so I was given a pager when my turn was up. I decided to grab a quick snack before my shower and talk a stroll around the Senator Lounge.

I wasn’t particularly hungry due to my recent breakfast but I browsed the food offerings. The food selection in this lounge is quite good with decent hot and cold options. While self-serve, the food is more hearty than the usual domestic lounge “snacks”. It was close to lunch time so there was a selections of sandwiches, soups, and sausages. There was also a lovely selection of pastries and desserts. Food presentation was excellent for an airport lounge. And of course being in Germany, there was a selection of beers on tap. Even though I didn’t eat much, I indulged in wheat beer!


After waiting for about 20 minutes, my pager buzzed signaling that my shower suite was ready. I headed down the hall to my assigned suite. The shower suites are extremely spacious. There’s a folding luggage rack to place your bags which I appreciate as I don’t like to open up my bags on the floor. The lighting is soft and the colors are neutral. There’s a large sink and hair dryer along with decent amenities. There weren’t any toiletry items like hand cream or cotton swabs stocked in the room. The shower itself is quite large. The shower stall curves around and is tiled in neutral tones. There’s a nice rain shower head but only one “soap” which is all-in-one soap, shampoo, and conditioner.

It felt great to refresh and catch a quick shower since I had to wake up at 4 AM in London and my journey ahead was going to be long. I got dressed and gathered my bags and headed back out to the Senator Lounge.



After my shower, I spent some more time catching up on emails and a few snacks. I was anticipating a big meal on my flight to Dulles so I didn’t want to eat too much. I loved all the natural light in the lounge along with the high ceilings, offering an open and spacious feeling. And while I appreciate the louvered window to keep the sunlight from getting too oppressive, it made it near impossible to take tarmac and plane photos from the lounge. Of course, this is only a minor inconvenience. The WiFi in the lounge was decently fast with a consistent connection. In case you are in the market for new luggage, they have a mini luggage shop inside the Senator Lounge.

In terms of service, I didn’t really interact a whole lot with the staff in the Senator Lounge, other than checking-in and requesting a shower suite. Everything in the lounge was well-stocked and efficient in typical Lufthansa fashion. After spending about 90 minutes in the lounge, it was time to headed to my gate for my 747-8 ride to Washington. The walk from the lounge to the gate took about 10 minutes and boarding started close to on schedule.

The Lufthansa Senator Lounge at Concourse Z provides an overall reliable, sophisticated lounge experience. It checks all the boxes with relative comfort, style,amenities, and delightful food that one expects in a Business Class lounge. There were only a couple very minor dislikes overall that are relatively forgettable. Lufthansa is know for their efficiency and reliability and the Senator Lounge is no exception.

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  1. So I will be in Frankfurt on December 29th with my girlfriend on my way to India and we have a 12 hour layover. Obviously we plan on checking out the town but would like to clean up…so my question is since we are flying Lufthansa and will probably be right there, do they sell day passes?

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