Lounge Review: Cathay Pacific | The Pier First Class Lounge | Hong Kong

Lounge Review: Cathay Pacific | The Pier First Class Lounge | Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of my favorite airports for lounge access, thanks to Cathay Pacific’s phenomenal lounges at their home base airport. All of the lounges set the bar high but The Pier First Class Lounge sets the highest bar in Cathay Pacific’s lounge portfolio. While some may prefer The Wing First Class Lounge with it’s polished black finishes, The Pier is all round a winner for me.

Fresh off my 15 hour flight from LAX, some lounge time and a shower were definitely in order. I had about 2.5 hours to pass before my connecting flight to Singapore. I stopped by the transit desk where they handed me my boarding pass and a lounge invitation. The Cathay agent suggested I visit The Wing First Class Lounge as it was the closest First Class lounge to my gate but I really wanted to experience The Pier and felt it was the extra 5-10 minute walk to my gate.

The Pier First Class lounge is located across from Gate 63 in Hong Kong’s Terminal 1. There’s a subtle elevator and escalator entrance that leads guests below the main terminal floor. There were several Cathay Pacific agents at the bottom to greet and check in passengers. As always, the front desk staff was very warm and welcoming. The front lobby was decorated festively for the upcoming Lunar New Year which was just a few days away.


Access the The Pier First Class Lounge is granted to passengers traveling aboard Cathay Pacific flights in the First Class cabin or OneWorld Emerald passengers traveling in any class of service.

On first impressions, I was met with the neutral, modern palette of The Pier. With a mid-century modern inspiration in the finishes and furniture, The Pier First Class Lounge represents the latest style them of Cathay Pacific’s lounges. The Pier was very quiet, with only a handful of passengers scattered throughout the lounge. The newly refreshed Cathay Pacific lounge at London Heathrow is modeled in the same theme.

As I had just arrived off a 15 flight from Los Angeles, I was eager to take a quick shower. I took a turn towards the shower suites and spa and was greeted by the spa staff. As the lounge was quite empty, there was no wait for a shower suite. The shower suite is similar to what you find in other Cathay Pacific lounges. Marble finishes, a sleep glass shower, and Aesop toiletries are at one’s disposal. I liked the stylish chair and luggage rack as nice extras.I only wish I had time for a spa treatment!


After a shower, I had about 45 more minutes before I needed to head to my boarding gate. I decided to grab a quick meal in the dining room which serves à la carte menu. I opted for a glass of Chandon rosé and guava juice and ordered the Eastern Set for breakfast. The Eastern Set included poached chicken, fried noodles. dough sticks, and dim sum. Cathay Pacific never disappointing when it comes to in-lounge dining. Service in the dining room was lovely and everything was very tasty. After finishing up my breakfast, I headed for the main lounge seating areas to savor a bit more relaxation.


As the lounge was quite empty, I had my pick of just about any seat in the lounge. I popped into one of the armchairs near one of the lounge bars. There are no shortage of power outlets throughout the lounge although many of the outlets are tucked discreetly in  side tables. The WiFi connection was consistent and reasonably fast throughout my visit. Soon after, it was sadly time to head for my boarding gate for my flight to Singapore.


There’s no doubt that I walked away from The Pier First Class Lounge incredibly impressed. I appreciated the serene nature and lack of crowds. It’s high on both style and hospitality. Plus the food in the dining room makes Cathay Pacific’s lounge dining one of the best I’ve ever experienced. I’ll gladly walk all the way across the terminal when I’m in Hong Kong just to savor a bit of time in The Pier First Class Lounge.

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  1. Can’t wait to try the First Class Pier Lounge again when flying F on CX to LAX in November. Have been visiting the Business Class Pier Lounge and it is just as stylish and quiet.

    I do prefer the showers at The Bridge Lounge as it had a bigger seat/bench space

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