Food Meets Travel: My Favorite Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta

Food Meets Travel: My Favorite Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta

I’ve recently returned from a fantastic holiday in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and I have to admit I’m walking away impressed. I had heard great things about Puerto Vallarta but found myself thoroughly in love with this Pacific resort city. But on top of the perfect weather and beautiful Pacific views, there are countless fantastic restaurants in Puerto Vallarta. You’ll find everything from street corner food stands to chic beachside dining and everything in between.

Thanks to word-of-mouth recommendations, Yelp, Google and a few accidental finds, here are a few of my foodie favorites in Puerto Vallarta.

Best Hot Cakes & Omelettes – Coco’s Kitchen

Púlpito 122, Emiliano Zapata – Cash Only

Up for starting your date with churro hot cakes? Well look no further than the lush dining gardens at CoCo’s Kitchen. This garden cafe is packed with all day but the wait times were always reasonable. Come for the omelettes and hot cakes, stay for the lush greenery that surrounds this all-outdoor cafe.

Best Sand-in-Your-Toes Dining (and Sunset) – El Barracuda

Paraguay 1290, 5 de Diciembre – Cash Only

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You might have to forgive this spot for being a bit touristy but the so many factors make up for it. The food is great and it’s one of the best places to dine with the sand between your toes. There’s really not a bad place in Puerto Vallarta to watch the sunset but El Barrcuda will offer a quieter setting, set off far from Downtown Puerto Vallarta.

Best Lunch Counter – Los Jarritos de Paul

Agustín Rodríguez 192, Centro – Cash Only

Food Meets Travel: My Favorite Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta

Craving street tacos or a damn good pollo milanese? Pop into Los Jarritos de Paul for an uber-casual lunch at the counter. The inexpensive, yet generous portions won’t leave you hungry. And the drinks won’t leave you disappointed either!

Best Place to Grab a Post-Hike Bite – Trailside Family Restaurants in Las Animas

Trail between Boca de Tomatlan and Las Animas – Cash Only

Food Meets Travel: My Favorite Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta

The hike between Boca de Tomatlan and Las Animas is my favorite outdoor adventure in Puerto Vallarta. I highly recommend you make time to explore the pristine beaches just 15 minutes outside Puerto Vallarta. As you appraoch the end of the hike near Las Animas, several in-home cafes and shops appear. While you won’t see any signs or cafe names, a little Spanish and friendliness will point you in the right direction. There’s several touristy cafes and bars right in Las Animas near the pier, but they are much more expensive on not nearly as charming.

Best Mole – Red Cabbage

Rivera del Río 204A, El Remance – Cash Only

Food Meets Travel: My Favorite Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta

While Red Cabbage is a bit of a walk from Centro and Zone Romantica, their food is worth the 15 minute walk. You might feel like you walking towards the middle of nowhere but soon you’ll see the big black and red sign out front. Red Cabbage has some of the best mole dishes I’ve ever tried!

Best Coffee and Chilaquiles – El Campanario

Hidalgo 335, Proyecto escola, Centro – Cash Only

You might feel like you’re dining in someone’s home when you’re having breakfast at someone’s house but that what makes El Campanario so charming. You can order a delicious plate of chilaquiles the size of your face for a couple US dollars. Plus, their coffee is fantastic, infused with chicory. The best cup I had in Puerto Vallarta!

Best Overall Ambiance (And Cricket Tacos!) – El Arrayán

Calle Allende 344, Centro – Cards Accepted

This one was discovered a bit by accident but I’m so glad we found El Arrayán. With some of the best cocktails in the city, a showcase of Mexican cuisine and a colorful open-sky dining room, there’s so much to love about this place. And cricket tacos? Seriously give them a try. They taste a bit nutty and they’re full of protein!

There’s a mountain of great options for food in Puerto Vallarta and these are just some highlights. What are you favorite restaurants in Puerto Vallarta? Share in the comments below!

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