Arriving from Brussels and awaiting my flight to Chicago, I found myself with a long layover in Warsaw. I ultimately had time to visit two different lounges, both the LOT Business Lounge (also referred to as the “Polonez” lounge) lounge and the Bolero lounge. The Bolero Lounge is located on the non-Schengen side of Terminal A, while the the LOT Business Lounge is on the Schengen side. The LOT Business Lounge is a LOT Polish operated lounge, serving LOT Polish and partner airline premium passengers.

    On arrival, the snippy staff checked me into the rather crowded LOT Business Lounge.¬†After two flights and being up since 4 AM, I was more than ready for a shower. The staff directed me to the location of the “shower suite”.The “shower suites” are located inside a small private room inside the men’s restroom. And tiny would be an understatement to describe the shower suite. This definitely had to be the smaller airport lounge shower I’d ever seen. It was extremely awkward to get dressed after my shower in such a tiny space.

    After my much needed shower, I headed to the main lounge area to grab snack and relax. The lounge was rather crowded for most of my visit but over the next hour, the crowds did start to taper off. The lounge is squeezed into a rather narrow footprint so I wouldn’t consider it to be the most spacious lounge. Most of the seating is your standard armchairs and sofas. However, there were some cool hanging chairs that looked like IKEA birdcages. For drinks and snacks, were self-service beverages along with a limited food offering in the center of the lounge.

    I spent about an hour in the LOT Business Lounge before deciding to check out the Bolero lounge. Passport control in Warsaw is rather quick so if you are catching a flight on the non-Schengen side, I’d suggest giving yourself 20 minutes to arrive at your gate.

    Sadly, I can’t say I was living for the LOT Business Lounge. I thought the hanging chairs were pretty cool but that was the only thing I loved about this lounge. The compact space, the sparse food offerings, and pathetic shower left me feeling disappointed.

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