Lounge Review: British Airways Terraces Lounge | Berlin Tegel

Lounge Review: British Airways Terraces Lounge | Berlin Tegel

After a nice long weekend in Berlin, it was time to fly from out Berlin’s Tegel Airport (TXL). Arriving a bit early, we decided to spend some time in the British Airways Terraces Lounge in Terminal A. TXL is an older airport but I love the clean, yet brutal design of hexagonal terminal, a throwback to the 1960s.

However the layout at TXL is a bit confusing to the unfamiliar passenger. The location of the Terraces Lounges is a bit vague as the OneWorld lounge guide is unclear on the specific location of the lounge. The lounge is pre-security as each gate at TXL has it’s own security queues. The lounge is located in Terminal A on the second level near Starbucks. Just look for the elevator with a staircase wrapping around it and a large Starbucks sign. The Starbucks is located on the second level and the Terraces Lounge is located directly across.

We arrived at the lounge about an hour before our scheduled boarding time and were greeted by the British Airways staff. The staff was friendly but the check-in process was a bit tedious. When we arrived, there was nobody else in the lounge which was quite nice. The lounge itself is light and bright with expansive windows, lots of natural lighting, and great tarmac views.

As we were initially the only passengers in the lounge, seating was no problem. There are a fair amount of power outlets spread throughout the lounge. The WiFi service was blazing fast and very easy to connect to. The main airport WiFi was difficult to connect to so I was pleased that the Terraces Lounge offered a solid connection. Unfortunately, there is no bathroom located inside the Terraces Lounge so you’ll need to walk over to the Starbucks across the hall to use the toilet.

There was a moderate selection of snacks and drinks in the Terraces Lounge but nothing spectacular. Mostly just light snacks like fruit, cheese, chips, nuts, and pretzels. There are self-service alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. In addition, the the armchairs throughout the lounge, there is bar seating near the food area. In the rear of the lounge, there’s also a quiet room but considering how quiet the whole lounge was, I’m not sure how necessary it is.

The Terraces Lounge itself isn’t necessarily a luxurious airport lounge like The Pier First Class Lounge or the Qantas First Lounge. But considering that there aren’t great seating options at the gates of TXL, it’s a great quiet place to relax pre-departure and to catch up on a few emails (or Instagram). Plus, the tarmac views are sure to make any avgeek happy!

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