Well the day is almost here and tomorrow, November 4, I’m aboard another inaugural flight with American Airlines. I’m pleased to be on the inaugural DFW to Madrid 787-9 flight with AA, featuring Premium Economy. This tags onto the inaugural domestic 787-9 flight I took from DFW to LAX this last month.

    It’s quite excited that American is introducing a new aircraft, the 787-9, to their fleet. This is the first plane with American’s new Premium Economy product installed. On the DFW to LAX flight,I sat in the Premium Economy section in seat 10L on the ourbound and 11J on the return to DFW. On my flight to Madrid, I’ll be seated in 9A, a bulkhead seat that features a leg rest. Row 9 features a full leg rest while Rows 10 and 9 feature foot rests instead.

    The seats in the new Premium Economy cabin made a good impression on me on the inaugural DFW to LAX flight. They are as equally nice as a domestic first class. It’s a wider seat with extra recline plus a nice foot rest and a small little storage area.

    I’ve already posted a full review of the 787-9 Premium Economy cabin on a domestic flight soon but after Friday’s flight, I’ll post a comparison on how enjoyable the product is on a long-haul flight. I’m very excited about tomorrow to compare experiences on AA’s 787-9. The DFW to Madrid 787-9 flight should be a festive one!

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    And of course, if you plan to be on tomorrow’s flight (or the return DFW-MAD flight on Nov 6th) be sure to send me a message and say hello on board!


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