Good morning travelers and #avgeeks! I’m currently on board the inaugural domestic 787-9 Flight with American Airlines’. This is American’ first “official’ scheduled 787-9 flight although technically they flew an ETOPs certification flight earlier this month.

    Not only is it exciting that American is launching a new aircraft type today but the 787-9 is the first plane with American’s new Premium Economy product installed. On this DFW to LAX flight, I’m sitting in the new Premium Economy section in seat 11L. The seats so far have made a good impression on me. They are as equally nice as a domestic first class. It’s a wider seat with extra recline plus a nice foot rest and a small little storage area.

    There was a little bit extra fanfare on today’s flight but nothing too spectacular. The crew has been cheerful and excited about the new aircraft. And of course, the plane is full of #avgeeks although I have yet to recognize anyone I know so far.

    I’ll post a full review soon but until then here’s a couple of quick preview photos from the Premium Economy cabin. I’m quite excited I get to be on board AA’s inaugural domestic 787-9 flight. Thus far, a very cool experience!


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