The Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse in London Heathrow has to be one of my favorite airline lounges in the world. Following up on a frequent reader question that I get, do Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy Passengers Receive Lounge Access?

    The short answer is no. Unless you have equivalent elite status with Virgin Atlantic (Gold) or a partner airline such as Delta (Diamond, Platinum and Gold Medallion members). Other than qualifying elite status passengers, Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse access is reserved for passengers flying in the Virgin Atlantic’s Upper Class or Delta One cabin with Delta Air Lines.

    Can I buy a day pass to the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse? No. Purchased access is not available. 

    While it is disappointing for Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy customers to not receive lounge access, I understand that Virgin Atlantic needs to preserve the top notch Clubhouse experience in its lounges and avoid overcrowding. Alternatively, it may be worth upgrading your Virgin Atlantic flight to Upper Class. Not only for the Clubhouse lounge access but for the wonderful in-flight product.

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