I’ve previously shared a handy tip for finding your OneWorld record locator booked on American Airlines. But what about an Alaska Airlines record locator booked on American Airlines? Alaska Airlines isn’t a part of any of the major airline alliances but they do partner with quite a few OneWorld carriers.

    Airlines may reference these as various terms: Record Locator. Booking Reference. Booking Confirmation Number.  When you are attempting to manage your booking or make seat selections, you’ll find that using your American Airlines won’t be useful in locating your reservation. If you booked your Alaska Airlines itinerary via American Airlines ticketing or award booking, your Alaska Airlines record locator unfortunately won’t be provided automatically.

    Unfortuatnely, there isn’t a known online tool to locate your Alaska Airlines record locator. You’ll have to call American Airlines or Alaska Airlines directly to obtain this. If you don’t have access to an elite status phone number, I would try Alaska Airlines first. Their call wait times are typically shorter than American Airlines. If you have status and have access to a dedicated elite phone line, I would recommending going this route.

    Alaska Airlines US Customer Service: +1 (800) 252-7522

    American Airlines US Customer Service: +1 (800) 433-7300

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