Lounge Review: The Wing First Class Lounge | Cathay Pacific | Hong Kong

Lounge Review: The Wing First Class Lounge | Cathay Pacific | Hong Kong

Connecting in Hong Kong on my flight from Singapore onward to Los Angeles, I had a bit of time to pass on one of my favorite airports. I’ve visited most of the Cathay Pacific lounges at HKG with the The Pier First Class Lounge being my favorite. On this layover, I opted to spend my time in The Wing First Class Lounge.

The Cathay Pacific Wing lounge has a Business Class section on the lower level and a First Class section on the upper level, both across from Gate 3 in HKG’s Terminal 1. One can proceed directly to The Wing First Class Lounge after clearing security and passport control and making a left turn from security.

Cathay Pacific always keeps a large staff at in their front lobbies to make check-in easy but also to deter uninvited guests from inundating the check-in desk. The Wing is awash is polished black from floor to ceiling and it has to be one of the shiniest lounges I’ve seen. The decor is very high-end but it’s not really my style. I prefer the classic mid-century modern style of The Pier over all the shiny surfaces of The Wing.

Considering I was about to be on a plane for 14 hours, I figured freshening up was good idea and headed towards the shower suites. There was not wait and the attendant took me directly to a shower suite.

The shower suites in The Wing First Class lounge are incredibly spacious with a massive open glass shower stocked with some very nice amenities. Cathay Pacific always stocks their shower suites with lots of essentials which are much appreciated. The shower suites feature luxurious Jurlique toiletries. There was plenty of storage space in the suite which I always appreciate. It was the complete opposite of the tiny Iberia suite on a recent trip.

After freshening up, I headed for the dining room to grab a snack. There are two food options in The Wing First Class Lounge: a la carte dining (restaurant style) and a self-service buffet. The a la carte dining is one of the most beloved features of Cathay Pacific’s First Class lounges. I wasn’t very hungry so I just ordered a small appetizer while I passed a bit of time. As always, the food in the dining room was excellent.  I checked out the self-service buffet which isn’t much different from The Wing Business Class Lounge‘s food options. There’s a staffed full bar in the main seating area of The Wing.

The lounge’s decor is sleek and dark but the physical space is bright and open as the lounge has no ceiling and opens to the rest of Terminal 1. The lounge was somewhat busy but there was no shortage of seating. The dining room was nearly empty but the open air seating was somewhat full. There are plenty of power outlets throughout the lounge and the WiFi is easy and fast.

While The Wing is a very nice lounge, it’s not from my favorite Cathay Pacific lounge. There aren’t any major negatives, the lounge is just too dark for me. The food is fantastic and the shower suites are wonderful. The Wing just doesn’t stand out to me compared to some of their other lounges. If you’re heading to a First Class lounge, I’d head for The Pier. If you’ve got Business Class access, I’d opt for The Bridge.

What do you think of The Wing First Class Lounge? What is your favorite Cathay Pacific lounge? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. 

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