Lounge Review: Iberia Dalí VIP Lounge | Madrid | Terminal 4

Lounge Review: Iberia Dalí VIP Lounge | Madrid | Terminal 4

Continuing my journey from Dallas to Milan, I had a bit of an extended layover in Madrid. I was connecting from American Airlines and had arrived in Terminal 4S, connecting onto an Iberia flight to Milan. I’d visited the non-Schengen, Iberia Velázquez VIP Lounge in Terminal 4S many times. But this would be my first time having a chance to visit the Iberia Dalí VIP Lounge on the Schengen side of Terminal 4 in Madrid.

After clearing immigration, I took the tram from Terminal 4S to Terminal 4. Madrid Airport was quite empty on this Saturday morning and the Iberia Dalí VIP Lounge was empty as well. Access is granted to those traveling in Business or First Class on Iberia or a oneworld carrier or those with Sapphire or Emerald status with a oneworld carrier. I gained access to the Dalí VIP Lounge thanks to my OneWorld Emerald status.

The check-in staff was friendly and polite, stationed in the center of the lounge. I wanted to freshen up before my next flight so I requested  a shower suite. The shower suites weren’t open yet at 10 AM and I was told there would be a 10 minute wait. My name was put on the list and I was directed that my name would be called when the shower was ready.

To the left of the front desk is spacious open seating area, exposed to the spacious vaulted ceilings of Terminal 4. To the right of the front desk, is the dining area with cafe-style tables, a light buffet and beverages. I love the openness of the Dalí VIP Lounge, providing lots of natural light and opens spaces, yet providing quiet and privacy from the main terminal concourse.  The decor features lots of warm wood tones and stone.

The food selection in the  Dalí VIP Lounge is a bit sparse with just a few cold snacks and pastries during my visit. The Iberia Velázquez VIP Lounge has a much better food selection with a variety of hot and cold snack options. I grabbed a bit to eat while I awaited my shower. The wait ended up taking about 20 minutes.

When my shower suite was ready, my name was called over the intercom and I collected a key from the front desk. I headed over the shower suite which was very compact. The suite was stock with packaged towels, soap and shampoo but no other toiletry items. There was very limited storage space in the very tiny suite. The shower itself was just fine and easy to use.

Compared to the Velázquez VIP Lounge in Terminal 4S, the Iberia Dalí VIP Lounge is quieter and roomier. The wide open ceilings help make the lounge feel open and bright. However, the shower suites are disappointing and the food selection could be better, at least on par with the Velázquez VIP Lounge. But overall, for a quiet space to pass some time on the Schengen side of Termainl 4, the Dalí VIP Lounge isn’t a bad place to relax.

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