Lounge Review: Qantas T3 Domestic Business Lounge | Sydney

Lounge Review: Qantas T3 Domestic Business Lounge | Sydney

After a very long flight in Economy from Los Angeles, a bit of refreshment was in order. Qantas hosts numerous lounges in it’s home airport but as our connecting flight was departing from Terminal 3. We headed to the the Qantas T3 Domestic Business Lounge. Access to the Qantas T3 Domestic Business Lounge is granted to those traveling in a premium cabin with Qantas or OneWorld carrier, Qantas Platinum/Platinum One, Emirates Platinum, or OneWorld Emerald in any cabin of travel. One guest is permitted as well for eligible passengers.

Due to a bit of a wait at immigration and the long wait for a transfer bus from Terminal 1, we would only have about 45 minutes to spend in the Qantas T3 Domestic Business Lounge. We entered through the two level entrance of The Qantas Club and then after showing our boarding passes, were directed down the hall to the Domestic Business Lounge. My boarding pass didn’t have my OneWorld Emerald status printed on it but the friendly lounge agent issued me a corrected one.

I inquired about the showers as I feeling a bit sweaty from our 14 hour flight. The front desk staff directed to the self-serve shower areas. There are 6 or so shower suites are situated along a hallway with no attendant and a shelf with pre-packaged towels and toiletries. Without an attendant, you’ll need to wait in the hallway until a shower suite become available. Fortunately, a shower suite was available right away so there wasn’t a wait. But I could find the long wait for another passenger to finish and the shower be cleaned, could be quite annoying.

The shower suite was quite small compared to those in other Qantas lounges. There wasn’t a good spot for storing my roller bag and the counter space was limited. The towel was large and a floor mat was provided along with basic toiletries like a toothbrush and razor.  Plus, in Qantas fashion, the suite was stocked with Aspar soaps and shampoos which I absolutely love. But I can’t say the shower suite was as comfortable as other Qantas premium lounges. In the end, it just felt refreshing to take a shower before our next flight.

After my shower, I headed out into the main lounge while I waited on Chris to finish his shower. While the front portion of the Qantas T3 Domestic Business Lounge was quite crowded, the rear was nearly empty. And while lounge overcrowding is a common complaint among passengers, I enjoyed the peace and I quiet I found in the back side of the lounge. The is surrounded on two sides by expansive windows, offering fantastic planespotting views. There’s a lot of seatiing options in this lounges including armchairs with side tables, work desks, and high counter tables. There are lots of power ports available.

Being the late morning rush, breakfast items were still being served. I grabbed some eggs, sausage, and a flat white before heading back to the quieter side of the lounge. There are a handful of self service coffee bars spread throughout the lounge. Plus there’s a staffed coffee bar near the hot food buffet to make handcrafted coffees. I took some time to catch up on a few emails, eat my breakfast, and snap some plane photos. The WiFi connection was easy to log onto and the speed was moderately good.

Overall, the Qantas T3 Domestic Business Lounge is a great domestic lounge by Qantas. I would have loved to have had more time to lounge around but for a short-ish layover, we left feeling reasonably refreshed. The food was good, lots of quiet spaces to hide from the lounge crowds, and friendly staff; all in a stylish space. But Qantas is an airline that consistently does style well. The only noticeable dislike was the unattended showers with a lack of space to move around. But I wouldn’t hesitate to make time for the Qantas T3 Domestic Business Lounge on my next Sydney layover.

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