Back From Ireland and a Mini Blogging Break

Back From Ireland and a Mini Blogging Break

While a week and a half may not seem like long, I’ve been missing my blog for the last week or two. Partially unplanned, my blogging break has been a bit nice. I’ve been traveling with Chris and my Dad on an Ireland road trip. Although I haven’t taken a break from taking photos and documenting my travels, my writing took a brief pause.

Now I’m back and it feels good to get back to post writing. I had the rewarding experience the last several days of taking my Dad on his first trip outside of North America. I started planning the trip about 9 months ago and he had elected Ireland has his destination of choice. I spoiled him with British Airways’ Club World on the upper deck of the 747 which he loved. We took a road trip around the countryside of Ireland and spent a few days in Dublin. I travel all the time but it was very nice to let my Dad experience travel and to watch him take it all in. My dad hadn’t been on a 747 since the 1970s and hadn’t left the US since the 1990s. Before this trip, he’d only been to Mexico and Canada on a couple very short trips.

Chris and I had been to Dublin before in 2012 but we didn’t leave the city. It was great to see the rest of the island. This also mean however, driving on the left side of the road which was certainly an experience. We had a few laughs learning how to drive on the left and made lots of memories. My dad is a history major so touring all these historic sites along with the beautiful scenery of Ireland has been a treat for him. My dad is a very humble man and he truly appreciated this experience. He’s already planning where I’m taking him next 🙂

So if you have wondered why you hadn’t seen posts for a short bit, that’s why. I’m now working on several trip reports and reviews and hope to be able to share them all with you very soon!


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