Lounge Review: Business Lounge Krakow Airport

Lounge Review: Business Lounge Krakow Airport

Krakow’s airport is currently undergoing a massive renovation that includes a new terminal building. While the building is beautiful and modern, I fear that growing passenger traffic will cause the new airport to be overcrowded very quickly. On our day of travel, most of the terminal was complete except the check-in desks. The old check-in desks are very small and the crowds don’t have much room to move. The new security area is spacious, roomy, and efficient. However, post-security, you are funneled through the maze of duty-free shopping and a very congested gate area with limited seating.

Being the only lounge in the airport, the Business Lounge (as it’s officially called) is located after security, just before passport control. If you’re catching a non-Schengen flight, be sure to allow some time to clear passport control before your gate. The walk to the lounge is a bit of a maze and a service hallways just before passport control leads to the lounge entrance.


Krakow is a small, but expanding airport and the Business Lounge is also….well small. It has to be one of the tiniest lounges I’ve experienced. Small size aside, it does allow you to escape the hectic nature of the Krakow departures terminal. The lounge is a welcome escape from the claustrophobic nature of the main departures lounge.

We received complimentary access to the lounge thanks to Priority Pass, which I receive compliments of the American Express Platinum Card. The lounge serves elite passengers for several airlines, Priority Pass, and select credit card holders. A day pass can also be purchased by any flyer for 120 PLN. Check-in was quick but the lounge staff barely spoke at all. When we first arrived at the lounge it was almost completely full. Shortly after we arrived, it appeared that the lounge reached capacity. The lounge was so full that a couple people were eating standing up as all the seats were taken. But over time as more flights began boarding, the lounge thinned out quite a bit. By the time we left for our gate, there were only a handful of people in the lounge.


Lounge seating includes chairs, small tables, and several sofas. The sofas in the center were the most comfortable and also have the most power outlet access. Power outlets are in short supply, as are good seats. The lounge never got 100% full but it got pretty close at one point. If you arrive during peak hours, you’ll likely need to snag the first seat you see. The WiFi speed varied throughout our visit, sometimes quick, sometimes slowing down quite a bit.

The food selection was about average with mostly snack like crackers, cookies, cold meats and cheeses. Bottled water, beer, and wine were self service plus a cappuccino and espresso machine. The food quality was on par with you average US domestic lounge.

There isn’t much of a view from the lounge and don’t plan on any plane watching. The large windows just face a blank concrete wall. There is a restroom located inside the lounge along with a shower suite. OI was quite surprised that a lounge this small also had a shower suite. I’ve visited lounges many times larger and with far more connecting traffic that didn’t have showers.

Despite the lounge’s small size, the Business Lounge provided a good amount of comfort. The Krakow airport features fairly sparse amenities post-security so a few creature comforts are very welcome.  Don’t expect luxury but nice extras like comfortable seating, complimentary snacks, and a quiet work environment. Even at times when the lounge was nearly full, the lounge was still more peaceful than the main terminal.

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