One Tip for Breezing Through London Heathrow Security

One Tip for Breezing Through London Heathrow Security

For most travelers, the thought of a connection at London’s Heathrow airport doesn’t appear to be the most pleasant idea. As one of the busiest airports in the world, LHR is often prone to long lines, delays, and a few cranky passengers.
Admittedly, I enjoy air travel far more than the average person but flying through LHR doesn’t have to a nightmare. The number one spot to get tied up is the security queues. And while this isn’t unique to LHR necessarily, the queues at LHR are one of he most stringent I’ve experienced. Fast Track or Priority security generally has shorter lines, but not every traveler has access to this.
My top recommendation is to have your liquids prepared in an internationally-approved, clear container to help you navigate security much smoother.
For hand luggage, each traveler is permitted to have one clear bag, no larger than 20cm x 20cm (8in x 8in) with liquid containers smaller than 100ml (or 3 oz).  If your liquids are in a non-clear bag, you will be asked to put them in a provided clear bag.  Or you have too many liquid containers or you have any liquids over 100ml, you will be forced to throw these extra items out. All of this adds up to a lot of extra time in security in addition to holding up your fellow travelers. Even if you have Fast Track or Priority security, you are subject to the same stringent liquid allowances.


I absolutely love my security-approved bag from Flight 001. I’ve have found that I can avoid an extra headache by having an approved, clear tote for my liquids. It’s easy to pull it out quickly in the security queue without a mess. I’ve traveled through dozens of global airports, including London Heathrow on multiple occasions, with zero issue.

I’ve watched dozens of passengers unprepared for the allowances on hand luggage liquids. They are not too excited to be forced to reallocate their toiletries into a Ziploc bag. And they are even less happy to be forced to throw out many of their liquids. If you’re a US based traveler, you may be used to a fair amount of scrutiny with liquids in hand luggage but London Heathrow takes that scrutiny to the next level.

For full details on hand luggage guidelines at London Heathrow, visit their handy security guide for travelers.

Do you have any tips for making your airport experience less stressful? Share it in the comments below!

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  1. Ok, so funny you mention the Flight 001 bag: I used mine to travel through LHR this past summer, and due to the contents inside, I got held up BADLY at security, and BARELY made my flight. It was like a scene from Home Alone — I had to sprint across the airport from the checkpoint to the far end of the Queen’s Terminal. Since I’m going through again this December, I will most certainly be following your advise!

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