Lounge Review: TAP Portugal Premium Lounge | Lisbon

Lounge Review: TAP Portugal Premium Lounge | Lisbon

Located in Lisbon Airport’s Terminal 1, the TAP Portugal Premium Lounge serves TAP Portugal’s premium cabin customers, Victoria elite guests, and Star Alliance flyers. The TAP Portugal Premium Lounge is located on the sixth floor, above the main concourse of Terminal 1, just past security control and up the escalator.

The lounge staff at the front desk was friendly and polite. Check-in was a prompt after a quick scan of my boarding pass. Access to the TAP Portugal Premium Lounge is granted to Business Class, Victoria and Star Alliance Gold customers.The lounge was recently remodeled from the ground up in July 2017. The space was brightly lit with tall windows the full length of the lounge with expansive tarmac views. The decor is modern with tones of beige, white, black, and lime throughout.

There are a variety of seating options with sodas, armchairs, and seating pods. In the rear of the lounge, there is a “nap room” with dimmed lights and chaise lounge for pre-departure nap. There are also showers suites available for guest use behind the front desk. There are plenty of power ports throughout the lounge and the WiFi was fast and easy to access.

As it was mid-morning, the buffet area had a variety of eggs, cheeses, chilled meats, and pastries. In the buffet area, there were self serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. On the opposite side of the lounge, was a staffed full service bar for cocktails. The food was unremarkable but suitable for a pre-flight snack.

The lounge itself is spacious and during my visit, uncrowded. I appreciate the spacious windows and bright space. However, I’m not sure why TAP Portugal decided to put white carpet in an airport lounge. The carpet was really showing wear and tear already; just months after the remodel.

Boarding announcements were a bit conflicting so I headed to the boarding gate about 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time for my flight to Boston. Keep in mind that the TAP Portugal Premium Lounge is before passport control and it’s a bit of a walk to the non-Schegen gates beyond passport control. Passport control took about 10 minutes. I was departing from Gate 44 and it was about a 7 minute walk for me beyond passport control.

Overall, the TAP Portugal Premium Lounge is a comfortable place to pass the time before departure. The Lisbon airport isn’t the most comfortable airport to pass a long period a time so lounge access was certainly appreciated. If anything, the lounge is a great place to grab a snack, access WiFi, and charge your devices.

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