Lounge Review: Caral VIP Lounge | Mérida Airport

Lounge Review: Caral VIP Lounge | Mérida Airport

It’s no secret that the Mérida airport is a small one. For a city of over a million inhabitants, I am a little surprised at the petite nature of this Yucatan gateway. But nonetheless, there are two full air lounges at MID, although both landslide.

As a Priority Pass holder, I received access for myself and Chris to visit the Caral VIP Lounge. The other lounge in the Mérida airport is the Aeromexico Sala Premier. Check-in was very quick and the front manager was quite friendly. With most lounges, I usually only expect staff engagement at the front and maybe the bar if you order a drink. But as soon as we sat down, two lounge employees greeted us and offered us beverages. I thought this was quite nice. The staff took the time to help us connect to the WiFi and point out the general amenities of the lounge. I have to say it left a good impression with me.


In physical size, the lounge is quite small. But Mérida isn’t a busy airport so don’t expect much of a crowd. Departing on a busy U.S. holiday, the lounge was never more than a quarter full. Seating is mostly comfortable armchairs and sofas and electrical outlets are very plentiful, including USB ports. And even though the lounge is small, there is a restroom within the lounge itself.

The food selection at this lounge is a bit disappointing so don’t come looking for a great meal. The snack bar includes pretzels, peanuts, small sandwiches, and some form of hot dogs. The hot dogs didn’t look to appetizing so I stuck to pretzels and beer. Alcoholic beverages are served at the staffed bar. Beer and wine are complimentary but liquor can be purchased.

The Wifi connection was sub par with average speed and the connection did drop a time or two. If you aren’t using a lounge, you’ll back the lack of WiFi in the Mérida airport to be quite frustrating. I have international roaming but data service is quite spotty in the Yucatan.

Throughout our 90 minute visit, the staff checked in with us from time to time and offered a drink once more. I caught up on some writing and photos while Chris took a cat nap. Since the lounge is pre-security, I checked with the staff on how long we should allow before boarding time. He suggested 15-20 minutes before boarding time so we followed his suggestion. Ultimately, we had more than enough time as our flight was slightly delayed.

If you’re planning a visit to the Caral VIP Lounge, don’t expect a luxurious experience or fancy dining. However, the Merida airport, while nice and clean, lacks a lot of amenities, including free WiFi. If you have more than an hour to wait, a stop in this lounge is well worth it. Even if you don’t have free access through a credit card or Priority Pass, the lounge fee is only $25 USD. Might as well relax, enjoy the WFi, and have a beer!



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  1. Thanks for the review – this week my wife and I are visiting Merida for the 2nd time, and I was curious what the airport lounge(s) were like. I appreciate your frank review.
    I wish that lounges were after security though — it sounds like you made it through security quickly, but I can envision getting stuck behind a family of 5 that take FOREVER to get through security — it’s happened to me before.
    Thanks again for sharing.

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