Seeking Transport in Krakow? Review on Airport Transfer via

Seeking Transport in Krakow? Review on Airport Transfer via

Seeking group transport or an airport transfer in Krakow?

The methods in which I arranged transport with Krakow Excursion perhaps may be a bit non traditional. By common interest I suppose, I had interacted with Krakow Excursion on Instagram and the folks over there mentioned they arrange airport transfers and guided tours in and around Krakow. Public transport in Krakow isn’t the most tourist friendly so I already had in mind to take a taxi.

The folks over at Krakow Excursion caught me just at the right time. We exchanged a few emails and within an hour, they had us confirmed for private ground transport from the Krakow Airport to our city center hotel. We agreed that we would pay cash to the drive upon drop-off. The total price was 89 PLN or about 23 USD. They also offered local tours but we were already pretty booked up on our schedule so I can’t speak to their tour services.


Krakow Excursion Pickup Mercedes


Our flight arrived a bit behind schedule from Warsaw but our driver had our arrival details on hand. We cleared our baggage and headed out into the arrivals hall where our driver held our names on his sign, as directed. Our driver was Marcin. He was polite, well-dressed, spoke excellent English, and very professional. Our vehicle was a newer Mercedes, complete with bottled water and WiFi onboard. The drive from the airport to city center takes about 30 minutes. A lot of the taxi drivers on our trip drove….well….a bit…..erratic. Not Marcin. Our driver was sure to get us to our destination safely. Upon arrival, our drive unloaded our bags and we thanked him for the lift. We couldn’t have asked for a better transport experience.


Krakow Excursion Pickup Mercedes Interior


I would highly recommend Krakow Excursion for transport in Krakow. The comfort far exceeded that of a regular taxi and having someone awaiting your arrival is incredibly convenient. Booking by email is your best option but you can also contact and book via their website. Their response time is very prompt.

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