Product Review: Trip Streak | Flight Search Engine

Product Review: Trip Streak | Flight Search Engine

There’s a lot of travel search engines out there, each one seeking your attention. I recently explored a new one with the folks over at TripStreakOverwhelmingly, most travelers are on the hunt for the lowest price. There’s no shortage of travel search engines out there that will offer to help out with that. But what else important to you when you are looking to book a flight?Do you want a flight with WiFi so you can catch up on work? Do you have a specific loyalty program you want to earn elite or redeemable miles with? Maybe you hate long connections? TripStreak allows you to arrange YOUR personal priorities when booking a flight.

You don’t have to register to do a basic flight search but I would recommend it so that you can set your profile with your own personal preferences. I created my profile and set “priorities” to my personal tastes. I listed my profile preferences in the following order:

  1. Preferred Airline/Frequent Flier Program
  2. Price
  3. Miles/Points Type (Redeemable vs Elite Qualifying)
  4. Type of Aircraft (Widebody preferred perhaps?)
  5. WiFi On-board

Like most people, I am going seek out the lowest price. I’m a travel blogger and I travel A LOT so every dollar spent on airfare counts. However, loyalty and points are also important. I’m not going to spend hundreds of dollars more on a domestic flight to stick with a specific carrier. However, if the difference is just a few dollars more with my preferred carrier or airline alliance, I like that TripStreak ranks my preferred airline/alliance to my liking.Google Flights does have some “flight comfort” data in the search tool. But it doesn’t sort search results by these comfort factor or preferences. TripStreak gives your search results Ta “TripScore” a unique scoring system that orders results based on your preferences. For example, if I prefer a flight with WiFi, but multiple airlines are the same price, the flights with onboard WiFi are going to be prioritized in the search results.

When you’re ready to book, you’ll be directed to checkout through TripStreak’s native booking tool. Google Flights will let you book on it’s native site on a handful of airlines but the vast majority of the time, you’ll be redirected to the airline directly or third-party booking site.

The price comparison tool produces results very similar to Google Flights. I ran a couple of sample flight searches and the prices were just about the same as Google Flights. The site is incredibly easy to navigate and the interface is pleasant. But if you’re ever having any trouble and want to talk to a human, you can call the folks over at TripStreak  at 1-888-352-1887. Overall, TripStreak is pretty cool tool for the traveler who cares more than just the lowest price possible. I’d love to see an additional option to give preference to flight times. For example, if you wanted to prioritize flights left before 8 AM or after 5 PM. I’m looking forward to the coming functionality to also search for hotels and car rentals. I would encourage my readers to at least check out TripStreak and include it in their flight search routine.

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