After roughly 2 years at Avion Addiction, I’m thrilled to announce my new and refreshed site, While not much will change from Avion Addiction, I wanted to make Benjamin J Travel more personal, vibrant, and interactive.

    I like to travel comfortably: often and on a budget. Ever since I was a little boy, I’ve been incredibly fascinated with travel. I’d memorize timetables and beg my mother to take me to LAX to watch the planes take off. I’d bother the local travel agency with quirky requests for brochures about exotic travel. Now, as an adult, that obsession with travel continues. It’s now become a very exciting game on maximizing every dollar and every mile. It’s about seeing the globe and new experiences. I’ve created my site to share my passion and hobby with others. While I enjoy sharing the latest travel deals and tips with my followers, this isn’t another clone blog pitching credit cards and claiming instant first class travel.

    Benjamin J Travel features my own adventures and global experiences, but it also aims to help my readers make travel and adventure a bigger part of their lives.

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