Merry Christmas From Benjamin J Travel

Merry Christmas From Benjamin J Travel

Merry Christmas from Dallas, Texas!

I’ve made it back to Dallas just in time for Christmas day after spending a few days out in West Texas with family. I don’t consider myself to be particularly sentimental about particular holidays, but I have to admit there’s something special about spending time with loved ones over the Christmas holidays.

In the days leading up Christmas Eve, traveling can be hectic and the crowds nearly unbearable.┬áBut the airports quickly become eerily quite if you find yourself traveling on Christmas Eve or Christmas. Terminal concourse are empty and planes are less than half full. I’m thankful for the airline crews and airport staff who spent time away from their families to help us all get to our own destinations safely.

2016 has been a fantastic year of travel for me and a wonderful year for the growth of my blog. I’m so incredibly thankful for all the readers who have supported me with kind words and encouragement along the way. I’m also very thankful for all the friends I’ve made thanks to my travels and the travel blog community. 2017 is just days away and I’m looking forward to another exciting year of travel with new destinations and travel opportunities,

Thanks again for such a wonderful 2016.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, safe travels, and a very happy holiday season!

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