I’ve just returned I from a last minute trip with friends to join them for a weekend of wine tasting, food, and relaxation. I received the invitation while I was already in the middle of enjoying some fantastic wineries in Oregon so it was hard to say no to another wine-oriented trip. I’d visited the Sonoma region exactly a year earlier and had a fantastic time on my last visit. This time we stayed in Sebastopol which is lesser known but one of my favorite towns in Northern California.

    We returned to Wind Gap Wines in Sebastopol after thoroughly enjoying it on the last trip. We spent a morning at Ehlers Estate in St. Helena and enjoyed some of their fantastic wines. We indulged in tasty cheeseburgers from Gott’s Roadside in St. Helena and I can confirm that yes, the line is worth the wait!


    There’s more than just wine in Sonoma County…..they have beer too! ?

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    And while Sonoma County is known for it’s wines, don’t overlook the good beer too! We stopped in at Crooked Goat Brewing in Sebastopol, where they make some really tasty beers!


    Sunshine, vines, and tasty wines ☀️??

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    And while I spent most of my time in Sonoma County, I did spend about a half day in San Francisco. I grabbed French for lunch at Cafe Claude, coffee at Sextant Coffee, and a glass of wine at Tank 18. Plus, SFO is one of my favorite U.S. airport so I always enjoy passing through.


    SFO does Geometry

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    While the tree barely spanned 48 hours (that’s normal for me), I had a great time with my friends exploring Sonoma and Napa Counties. I only wish I could have stayed a couple more days with my friends!

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