As a growing travel blog, I work hard to network and connect with other bloggers and travel sites. Running a travel blog is not easy although some may think it’s nothing but fun and jetsetting. I hate to let you down but it’s quite a bit of work. However, it’s all so worth it!

Well I am very flattered and proud to be selected as the “Twipper of the Month” by Twip! I had previously been featured as “Twipper of the Week” but this is even cooler!

TWIP is an opportunity for people to find like-minded travel partners (using their Travanality guidelines) while also discussing fun and exciting upcoming group trips around the world.

Here’s a little snippet from the folks at TWIP:

“If you struggle with finding the best travel deals, the most comfortable accommodations, or how to break down cultural and language barriers during your travels, our Twipper of the Month for August, has all your solutions. Based in Dallas, Texas, Ben travels around the world constantly with having a full time job, travel blog, family and three pets. Not only does he enjoy traveling himself, he’s also passionate about sharing his journeys with his readers and followers. He reviews the places he has set foot on, the airport lounges he has been to, and the hotels he has stayed in to offer holistic, first-handed experience to those who are still in the process of planning their next trip. Ben’s reviews inspires people to travel, helps them battle with the difficulties during travel and most importantly, encourages people to see the beautiful world free of concerns. As Ben would say, “It’s never too late to start traveling.”

Thanks again to the folks at TWIP for their kinds words!

You can check out TWIP's full blog post here.

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