Instagram: Graffiti of The Leake Street Tunnel

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    I’ve just returned from a fantastic extended weekend in London, soaking in the warm(ish) August English summer! I got to spend some time with a friend and got to meet some new ones.

    This past Sunday, I took a bike tour with a small group with the London Bicycle Tour Company to explore the the West End and South Bank of London. One of our first stops was the Leake Street Tunnel, in the Lambeth borough of London. Believe it or not, I’d never heard of the Leake Street Tunnel before this!  Originally started by the famous graffiti artist Banksy, it’s a public street tunnel that’s a free-for-all of graffiti. Artists freely paint their masterpieces daily. Your favorite work of art might not be there when you return!

    I really enjoyed that during our visit to the Leake Street Tunnel, several artists were busy working away on their latest masterpieces. I snapped a few good photos but I really wished I could have spent more time in the tunnel. This was probably my favorite stop on the cycling tour.

    Have you been to the Leake Street Tunnel? What did you think?

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    ?? L A M B E T H ?? #vscoeurope #benaroundtheworld #graffiti #streetart

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    Art in Action #leakestreet #london #graffiti #urbanart

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