Instagram: Old Lubbock Air Terminal

    by | Jun 27, 2016 | Instagram | 0 comments

    My nephew loves to watch the planes at the airport but unfortunately, there are no pre-security viewing spots in the terminal that one can access without a same-day ticket. My sister and I got creative and drove to the Silent Wings Museum, the former Lubbock airport terminal. It’s located at the end of the runway and it’s a great place to watch the general aviation planes.

    We then drove to the opposite side of the airport grounds, near the Lubbock Fire Department station for the airport. When you park at the end of the road, just past the fire department, you get a front-row view of arriving and departing planes.

    ✈️ Old Lubbock Air Terminal ✈️ #vscotravel #benaroundtheworld #avgeek

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