I’ve recently returned for a really nice weekend getaway with friends, including the ladies over at  La Tache de Vin to the Sonoma Valley. Of course, famous for the numerous wineries and postcard views, Sonoma is a top Northern California destination. And with so many wineries, it’s easy to get overwhelmed deciding which ones to visit. When I travel, I like to share lesser known stops, many hidden among very popular travel destinations.

    At the end of our first day of winery tours, we stopped in at Wind Gap Wines. This isn’t your typical winery stop in this area. We had visited several traditional, small wineries in Sonoma County throughout the day. But Wind Gap Wines is a bit different. They don’t own any vineyards so the entire operation is contained inside their Downtown Sebastopol warehouse. Downtown Sebastopol is a quaint little Northern California town that you may not have heard of, or be able to pronounce correctly,  but its right smack in the middle of the Sonoma wine country.

    The tasting room space is hip with re purposed planks on the walls, concrete counters, and big open garage-style doors to let the sun. The weather on this particular Friday was just perfect. We had made a tasting reservation for our group of 8 and sprawled out on a big picnic table in the main tasting room.  We started with an essential tasting which included by personal favorite, a nice rosé on tap. That’s right. I said on tap. They serve corked wines but they also have wines served from a tap.

    After our tasting session, Nicole gave us a nice tour of the wine making in the back. We got a nice behind-the-scenes peek at how Wind Gap makes their wines. And I will absolutely admit I am no wine expert, I found the folks over at Wind Gap to very informative. As I mentioned earlier, Wind Gap is bit non-traditional when it comes to wine-making. For example, Wind Gap lets some of their white wines ferment in the skins. In others, they include the stems in the fermentation process. You learn something new every day!

    Sebastopol is an adorable little Northern California town. I could have easily spend the whole day exploring Downtown Sebastopol with lots of small shops, restaurants, coffees, and well…..wineries.

    Oh and on top of that, not only are the folks over at Wind Gap pretty smart about wine, they are pretty fun too!

    Ultimately, Wind Gap Wines was my favorite winery of the trip. While I do love a fancy winery with a view, the non-pretentious and inviting environment really won me over at Wind Gap. A special shout-out to Nicole on staff at Wind Gap for making our visit extra fun. The wine is fantastic and we even bough a few bottles to take back to Texas. I can’t wait to return again. Cheers!

    Visit Wind Gap Wines: 6780 McKinley Street, Suite 170, Sebastopol, CA 95472

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